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Recommendations of others What others have said about Dr. Jesse De La Cruz

Customer 1

Edie Rogoway. Rogoway Law, Portland. OR

I retained Dr. De La Cruz as my gang expert in a very litigious murder trial. The State was allowed to introduce highly prejudicial irrelevant gang evidence and Dr. De La Cruz's testimony was critical to our case.
Putting aside his credentials, which are impressive and compelling alone, he's a fantastic witness who the jury clearly responded to. In fact the Judge, a former prosecutor who ruled against the defense on virtually everything, was mesmerized by him.
Jesse was equally important in his role as confidant and mentor to my very young client who was facing a life sentence. His story and ability to relate to our clients is a tremendous asset to any defense lawyer.

Customer 4

Donald N. Kelly, Manhattan Beach

I have known Jesse De La Cruz for over four years, both in a social and professional capacity, with the professional overlapping the social to a considerable extent. My initial contact with him had to do with my need for an expert in a criminal street gang murder prosecution. In our first meeting we went over his C.V., and, my having been a police officer for some 18 years, as well as criminal defense practitioner for the past 35, or so, I was immediately impressed with his breadth of knowledge, but more impressed with his ability to communicate. This was proven out in our murder trial where, not only certain members of the jury, but the presiding judge (who had him appointed and came to evaluate his testimony) told me after the trial that they were impressed, and particularly liked his genuineness. The fact that he was not from law enforcement and used events from his previous life to explain matters I feel also had a positive impact. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable expert in the field of criminal street gangs.

Customer 2

Lunsford Legal Group, Los Angeles, CA

I have worked with Dr. De La Cruz on several cases. His unique experience has proved invaluable in both humanizing my clients and communicating my clients’ experiences to both judge and jury. I would recommend his services to anyone who is facing a criminal case with gang allegations.

Customer 3

Kelly O’Brien, Long Beach, CA

Dr. De La Cruz’s unique “insider” knowledge and perspective is extraordinarily powerful in preparing the defense against the police so-called gang expert!

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